Decentralizing Internet coordination

Decentralized ledgers have the potential to radically disintermediate our top-down controlled world. They might disrupt central banking, disrupt top-down governance, disrupt centralized social media, and disrupt many forms of network coordination. Coordination is the Buffett-esque economic moat. Decentralized ledgers will increasingly cannabalize everything software-with-a-database in the startup universe. It’s just a matter of time, while right now we’re separating the prescient billionaires-to-be from the myopic I-coulda-wouldas. But a current flaw in the ointment is that proof-of-work and proof-of-stake blockchains are irreparably flawed in that they’re already (or will become as they scale1) centrally controlled. Which more or less defeats the paradigm-shift of the evolution.

I’ve independently invented2 a totally new decentralized ledger technology which seems to overcome these hurdles that the rest of industry hasn’t been able to solve.3 I can’t emphasize enough the potential significance of this opportunity: “Satoshi 2.0.” Essentially we have a plan to disrupt Facebook, Github, Reddit, Google’s advertising model, etc.. We start focused in the application areas for our decentralized ledger which are the lowest hanging fruit and work our way up towards decentralizing all Internet coordination. Of course, we’re not going to code every application ourselves; we’re enabling an ecosystem where any one can develop apps for the captured market of hopefully millions of freely onboarded users that hold spendable tokens.

Important note about the distinction between the multifarious search for ideological truth and ideological totalitarianism. We’re not building specific ideologies that each of us may differ on. We’re engineers building ideologically agnostic systems with censorship-free, level-playing fields for all to participate, compete, and present their facet of humanity. And no, we don’t need to be bought out by some decaying, monotheistic dinosaur behemoth in order to be successful. Why must we all be hogtied to the Only-One-Right-Way™? I want to foster the diversity of humanity by disintermediating the behemoths and top-down control over what should instead be an Internet of freedom-of-expression where all sides can express their views. Curation can also be decentralized so that no one can be entirely censored, yet like-minded groups can curate to their preferences. Increased degrees-of-freedom enables everyone to get something they want. Isn’t that the win-win we as a society really need?

Markets. Imagine for example a decentralized Wikipedia clone where different versions of the same page are available to reflect a different set of moderators, providing more choice about perspectives of fact and truth. Did you not know that Wikipedia censors certain pages to contain the Only-One-Right-Way™ politically correct perspective. Political and ideological expression and the decline of trust in top-down control is on a massive upswing trend globally. Cross-pollinating agreeableness and disagreement is one of our engineering/algorithmic goals. For example, Steam offers decentralized choice of curators. Expert programmers and marketers know that details matter. And let’s not forget enabling an equity-instead-of-debt-for-users model as well as tokenized gamification…

Positions available:

Senior Back-end Engineer$160 - $320KC/C++, Typescript/Javascript, P2P networking, Websockets, etc.
Junior Back-end Engineer$80 - $160KC/C++, Typescript/Javascript, P2P networking, Websockets, etc.
Senior Front-end/Apps Engineer$160 - $320KAndroid native, web/mobile frameworks, Typescript/Javascript
Junior Front-end/Apps Engineer$80 - $160KAndroid native, web/mobile frameworks, Typescript/Javascript

0.5 - 2.5% stock options or revenue share included to motivate you on huge potential upside.

For those seeking a VISA to for example to work/study in the USA or the EU, we could offer a junior level position, and offer a bonus if senior level work is completed so that you could afford to avail of for example the $200k EB-5 investors visa for the USA or an alternative passport for visa-free travel to the EU.

If you’re all about technology, excellence, creativity, and objectivity, I’m relishing the opportunity to jam with you. I tend to work about 80+ hours a week, so I’m hoping you’re also hardworking and willing to put in the maximum effort that also provides the balance you need in your life. Let’s aim for 50 - 60 hours per week. If you’re seeking part-time or paid 20% time then you don’t have the interest level I seek. This is a startup environment, not an incubator.

You don’t necessarily need to know anything about cryptography and blockchains. You just need to be smart so you will rapidly absorb my knowledge of this field. And vice versa, we’ll leverage your expertise. We’ll probably employ Typescript and C, at least initially, but as always the best tool for job/circumstances as this project will involve P2P, server-side, web clients, and apps. So we’ll discuss and analyse which languages and frameworks to apply to each aspect of the project. There’ll be architectural and algorithmic challenges to stimulate you. We may even at some point complete some variant of the Lucid programming language I was collaborating on. We’re building the development team, formulating where to incorporate and locate, while also pursuing strategic partnerships with established companies. We’re already sufficiently funded for this initial stage to offer multiple full-time positions and finance any (temporary or longer-term) relocations. We’re probably willing to accept remote work, especially for senior devs, but a temporary in-person collaboration to kick it off would be ideal so as to optimize the significant groupwise learning curve that manifests in a multi-faceted project like this. English fluency is required. I’m a USA citizen, currently residing in SE Asia, open to potentially returning to the USA for this project although we’re also considering a first-world SE Asian nation such as Singapore for a temporary (30 - 60 days?) in-person collaboration.

Legality, cyber crime, and scams are issues on everyone’s mind when they think about cryptocurrencies and blockchains. We’re directed mainstream in the realm of nanotransactions gamification for the masses. I started the main thread back in 2015 to warn about the potential violations of securities regulations. Recently I presciently warned about China’s ICO crackdown a couple of days before it occurred. Subsequently I shared extensive analysis on making sure our activities do not infringe securities and money laundering laws.

Speaking of tinfoil, if you swallowed the red pill, how deep down the rabbit hole4 do you want do dig?

Analogous to Google in 1998, there isn’t a need for this to be a fancy webpage, yet note I created software in 1998 for authoring wysiwyg web pages, which btw had 335,000 published websites in 2001 when the Internet was 1/10th the population it is now.

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1 Some follow-up defense.

2 “We” (meaning angels, all of which are also reputable programmers or engineers) haven’t published this technology because first-mover implementation is critical not only for us to be fully rewarded but also to make sure the full potential is not diluted by pre-emptive scammers selling empty FOMO bags to speculators. Hirees will be expected to sign NDAs and not disclose our confidential intellectual property before such time that we’re ready to open source it. We’re serious about building out this open-source platform to millions and hopefully billions of users. My BCT history goes back to 2013 with 1000s of public posts for anyone who wants to dig about me.

3 I suggest reading my post archives at Bitcointalk if you wish to review substantiation of this claim. Note this claim applies to other decentralized ledger technologies such as Byteball, Iota, SPECTRE (not to be confused with Spectrecoin), and to some extent IOHK’s Ouroboros. Some of my technological analysis is on Medium.

4 An an archived snapshot of the relevant portion.

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